Artistic Glass Expressions
                               by Linda Leniton

Stained Glass isn't just for doors and windows anymore. You can have spectacular room dividers, backlight your stained glass anywhere with fiber optics, install unique stair rails and put your new stained glass on your patio or in your garden.  


The possibilities are endless.

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Room Dividers, Fireplace Screens, Lighting, Stair Railing

and Yard Art 

Glass and Metal?


We mix the mediums of glass and metal in our unique designs of room dividers, fireplace screens, stair railings and yard art.


Stained Glass outdoors?


You bet!  Stained glass adds a whole new look and beauty to your outdoor art.  Decorative stair railings outdoors are a great way to blend function with art.   

Fiber Optics


Don't have the light you want for the stained glass you want? We use fiber optics to backlight stained glass in almost any location. The effect is amazing and it allows you to add the beauty of stained glass anywhere in your home regardless of the availability of natural light.